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I help brands reach beyond their bubbles

As a designer and brand strategist in Toronto, Canada, I help forward-looking small and midsize businesses on audience engagement grow by making brands relevant in new markets they’ve identified for success; with a special interest in companies led by women and people who are LGBTQ or under-represented due to their race, culture, religion or abilities.

  • Award-winning background in design, advertising and publishing; working with wonderful teams on leading brands such as Fairmont Hotels, Levi’s, Kraft, P&G and mass retailers, cultivating new markets at home and globally.
  • Consulting with independent small and midsized companies, have helped founders and leaders build sustained brand equity that has increased sales by the millions.

I have seen how companies sometimes find they’re pursuing a group of customers who simply are shrinking as marketplaces change and evolve. I can help those who have identified new target audiences for growth but are having trouble accessing that elusive marketplace.

With the last 10 years focused on innovative products and services improving life for people or the planet, I have worked with clients in consumer goods, social innovation, clean tech and sustainability, professional healthcare and health and wellness tech for consumers and the culture sector – helping them grow resilient businesses with brands that are relevant to the people they want to reach.